Spencer Tunick Shoot

HEY INTERNET! Especially friends from BRAZIL!
These aren’t dead bodies washed up on a beach – it was an art piece by Spencer Tunick where a bunch of us got naked and had our photos taken at Montauk on Long Island, NY.

However, Venezuela needs help:

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On June 22, 2009 at 4:00am in the pitch black I went to Montauk, Long Island to participate in a Spencer Tunick installation. It was freezing, it was weird getting naked with 300 strangers, but I got to skinny dip in the Atlantic while the sun rose over the ocean. Worth it.

Top two photos are media shots.
From the East Hampton Star (click for story):

spencer tunick in montauk (3)

From someone’s blog via FlavorPill (click for post):

spencer tunick in montauk (2)

The final six are finished prints – the second is the one that Spencer Tunick gave to each of the participants. Here’s Tunick’s artnet page with photos of various installations. Here’s where you sign up to participate.

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